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Puppy Missing For 72 Hours Is Found Buried Alive In Sinkhole

A pooch who disappeared for 72 hours is back in his Missouri home after he was discovered covered alive inside a sinkhole.

Fire teams burrowed Lisa Van Valkenburgh’s dearest 12-year-old German shepherd out of the roadside void in Parkville, north of Kansas City, on January 30.

The puppy, named Maverick, had strayed three days before while being let out to soothe himself, Fox 4KC reported. In the wake of looking for her truant pooch without achievement, Van Valkenburgh dreaded he had keep running off to a close-by lake.

“My greatest trepidation is he had suffocated,” Van Valkenburgh told CNN. “I was perplexed in the event that he fell into the water he wouldn’t have the quality in his legs to haul himself out.”


Van Valkenburgh posted on Facebook that she chose to have one final search for Maverick, who she embraced after he was hit by an auto and got in a raccoon trap. As she strolled down a close-by street, Van Valkenburgh was staggered to hear a weak wail originating from underground.

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