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Cute DOG Can Speak and Feel As Human-Hurt, Waiting, Sad about

Speaking is making to connect each other as we are human. It helps to develop our life, solving problem, express our attraction, needs, education, religion, showing feeling. We can not live better without speaking-all the time we release our stress by singing, shouting and working. The teacher would like you to present some project to talk out among many students. And When we are preferring some goods, toys, study tools, musical instrument you either ask your parents as words. The students will discuss together to solve the problem while the village Leader talks to the villagers. In religion, the god told the people to do good things, there are morality, virtue, golden thinking etc,.
So all human needs “Speaking” much.
May be this cute Dog in this video understood how usefulness of speak, so this dog named NOB must know how to speak and shows PERSONALITY as human.
The owner of this video is just kidding with his dog, he plays and want to make joke. It means that he is joking and joking.
After watching, you and me as humankind should love life of all animals on earth as ours and LOVE,support, respect, care and survive.

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