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People Put Their Heads Inside Miniature Galleries to make fame art Exhibition Themselves

While you go to museum we only visit the ancient things, old sculptures and some image painting.
This famouse’s gallery room it is different from the others. Saatchi Gallery (Tezi Gabunia), The Louvre (Rubens), Tate Modern (Hirst), Gagosian Gallery (Liechtenstein). Transportable feature of the models makes these galleries accessible for everyone. Moreover, anyone can look into gallery, take a photo and become an exhibit themselves.
Put the head into the gallery, this project the artist thinks that his own exhibition in the scaled Saatchi Gallery space – the exhibition, which has never existed. Convenient feature of the model provided an ability for everyone to visit Tezi Gabunia’s exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. In this case, the model is presented as a virtual message.
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Here are the most beautiful image of this famous:



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