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TOP 10 beautiful Landscapes Make You Dream To Live In Pieniny Mountains -Perfect

All of us importantly need to live with beautiful and happiness. “I like to live in somewhere where the beautiful landscapes take place,” all of us said that. It will make us happy and fresh. Now, while we regard to this Pieniny a small mountain range in Poland, around majestic Tatra mountains, It is well-known for the most beautiful views, cloud, Dunaiec river, beautiful houses, sunrise. and especially we go to see the fog that are above nearby our head and around us, it makes “so beautiful day”. The fog is not high , and how do you feel and can you imagine? Oh i is so beautiful to live in.
There are many tourist who go to visit there and quote:”One day before I’ve been there at sunrise, the mists were too high. After 3 hours spent there, I left that place. I didn’t give up and I came back to the same place although forecasts were the same like the day before. Because I was late I ran up the hill and at first I felt a strong disappointment because the mist was the same as the last time. I decided to wait a few moments. After 20 minutes I noticed that something small was looming from the mist. These were crosses on towers of the church!
Then I already knew that soon the misty spectacle will begin. And that had just happened. Fog discovered and covered different parts of landscape and finally small village appeared. This scenery was breathtaking and that morning was absolutely one of the best photo hunting in my life. This day ended with a great fiery sunset. Enjoy!”
it is so amazing landscape on earth and please go to visit together by looking to TOP 10 beautiful Landscapes Make You Dream To Live In Pieniny Mountains During The Perfect Sunrise.


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