TOP 10 Mixed Ink, Tea, Alcohol, And Embroidery Can Be Created These Paintings

The artist met the accident broken arm by a glass of brandy, and from that time he try to find some talent materials with art work.
“With the range of pigments including neons and fourescents, mixing these with textile techniques such as embroidery, I originally working with a narrow palette of colors.Playfully throwing down liquids such as tea and vodka with Derwent’s pigment line painters and coloured inks onto bockingford watercolour paper to create abstract patterns, I enjoy playing with chaos in my work and the start of most pieces is a journey into the unknown.” he said.


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“Then using this method as a starting point, I draw out figurative elements in the work using a fountain pen, and dipping this into inks and various teas. My work is mainly focused around natural forms, particularly floral pattern which I blend with portraiture to create mystical beings and ethereal creations.
I also have a love of embroidery – having worked as an embroidery designer for 12 years, I now love incorporating stitch into the pieces I create.” He continued.

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